I done did it!!!!

So,I had been thinking of creating a blog for a loooonnnggg time now. A friend also adviced me to do it but I have been procrastinating and all. Finally,I do it and the process was quite confusing. The name took a lot of time and thought o. Most of the names I tried had been used and I wanted something that was ‘cute’ and represented yours truly,me. So,I have gotten off my butt and when next I’m asked about this blog,I can say,”yeah,I done did it”.

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So hey everyone .
I don’t know but something about this year makes me especially hopeful. ..maybe it’s because last year I just allowed things happen kinda but this year I’m really trying hard to live purposefully and intentionally;)@ tosinalabi @sisyemmie
They have posts that you can check out:

Ok so some nights ago,i didnt sleep throughout the night. Partly because I was trying to clear my emails and going on the internet/finding out that IG now allows u to switch between multiple accounts/listening to a message by Chris Caine/getting really hungry at 5am…I sha got up at almost noon and I began the search for my toothbrush. …went through everything I did the previous day but 3 hours later …nothing. I’m the kind of person that loves order and process so this one disruption just kinda destabilised me…I’m trying to change o.


On the subject of change… Im taking behavioral change coaching classes and trying to give my life a makeover…its tough but it can be done…I CAN CHANGE..hope to post more and do more and kick against the negatives of this personality type of mine.Guess what my personality type is…
Off to trying to be more productive… Hope your day was as great as the weather. God’s Speed and Blessings…






Here are the winners to the N.A.C.K Pop-up shop and runway event Invites!!

Sylph Diarist

Congratulations! Kindly send your Full names, email and mobile number to africanismcosmopolitan@gmail.com by Friday Latest….

You will be contacted by a N.A.C.K Rep, and your invites would be sent out to you! Congrats again, and do have fun at the event! Take pictures, meet people, shop and feel free to tag me on all social media platforms!

@LLynn_J (Twitter)

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A Tailored Love Story

Love this love story. So if you have a single romantic bone in your body (lol), you will too.
P.S.best pre – wedding pix I had seen in a long time


2014-07-29 09.03.42

 ” When something is made for you, every detail fits perfectly.”

I’ve posted fiction on this blog for 3 years but this is something  different. On  the 20th of September, God willing, I’d  be marrying this beautiful girl I met on twitter! Shes a fashion designer and definitely the one for me.


And just like you, she came on here sometime and became a follower of the blog. Here’s sharing our little love story…

Foluso’s Story

 From Fans to friends to future partners
How we met:
I first knew of Tunde in April 2012 when my cousin had sent me a link to his blog, (They were friends from church). It was his debut online series ‘Finding Hubby’. I fell in love with his writing moreso, twas a very relatable story, but since I’m not an avid reader, I stopped going to the blog when the…

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What next?



Hello everyone. Dudes and dudettes. Do you ever wonder if you are on the right path? Doing something totally different from what you were destined; put on earth to do.


Some people find their true calling very early in life,some quite late and some just never do.they waste away doing the opposite of their purpose and
I don’t Want to believe that i’m one of those people.  I want to believe that I can and would make a difference in my generation.


Lately, I have been thinking a LOT. I went to school for 5 years+ ASUU strike studying a course that I love but the past one year of Internship has made me realise that I don’t want to do what I have been doing for the rest of my life.i love it but I’m not exactly passionate about it.
I have been fortunate enough  to have worked with several people and organisations in different capacities and I have found that I enjoyed most of those other things. Maybe because they do not involve been in a hospital all day.im thankful for good health but it could get depressing,overwhelming and sometimes monotonous.
I have  resorted to asking Google for answers but let’s just say Google doesn’t have the answer to every question.   You just have to figure some things out on your own.  I have said all of that to say this….
I want to be happy doing some thing I’m passionate about for the rest of my life. Not just having a regular job and till I find that 1 thing,I’ll keep pushing and praying.
I can’t give up just yet.


To all those trying hard to find their niche/calling/purpose…what ever word you choose,keep praying and believing because when you finally get there,all this soulsearching would be worth it.


P.S: been watching Oprah’s ‘ life class on TLC and she mentions that every experience she has had helped her become the person she is today.


P.P.S: I have done several stuff over the years…been a writer for an online news site,sold accessories,made and sold jewellery,worked as a personal assistant,acted on stage,modelled(editorial and runway),worked in several committees and organisations as the head or as a member etc as a student in Uni etc.how that adds up to what I’m going to be..I don’t know but I cannot wait to find out.
And then when I have that ‘ ah ha moment’, that ‘light bulb moment’ as Oprah calls it, I sincerely hope that I can share that as well.
I pray it’s soon though.
Prepping for NYSC. Wish me GOD’S BEST.


Long Hiatus

Hey everyone!!!

Questions have been asked about when I intend to take blogging more seriously? What I would be blogging about? And all that.
Truth is I LOST my password a while back and I got a job writing Entertainment News for an online News site. I guess I got all caught up with that and so many other things that I was unable to concentrate on my own blog.
So,I’m back now and I would like to answer all your questions…what does “sylphdiarist” mean? What do you intend to blog about?? Sincerely I don’t know for sure but it would contain my thoughts of several topics basically. So,if there’s anything you would want me to talk about or anything you want to know,just drop a comment and ill get back to you all. Ciao.